The way identity helps to win clients

What identity is

Identity is external, recognizable brand image. In brief, these are brand special characteristics, which make brand recognizable and help to translate brand mission and corporate values:

  • familiar color or logo
  • slogan, well-known by heart by many people
  • melody
  • audience communication style
  • office and shop design

All these is around the client while he or she stays in brand ground. For example, while entering the website or door of off-line shop. Usually we notice the visual identity: package, logo, font, sign. But marketers use also other ways of brand identification through senses. For example, there is always corporate fragrance in some shops. With first second the person understands to which trade mark the shop belongs, as recognizes the smell. Sounds and tactile experience are used as well for identity.

Each and every brand does not develop original fragrance or music for fitting room. Still, visual identity is faced daily. What does it include:

  • logo
  • colors
  • fonts
  • package
  • illustration, photo style
  • souvenirs and promotional materials
  • space design (showcase, signs, booth)

Presence of logo and sign does not mean the presence of corporate identity. For example, one store has sign "Grocery", vivid interior, working hours plate. All these features are different and not unified: the plate was made in typography with standard pattern, the sign just stayed there from the previous owners, the walls were painted vivid because it is fancy. On the opposite, other grocery store owner decided to create the unified system from different visual features to make the brand recognizable. If the brand is recognizable among all others, it will be easily remembered. Corporate colors, fonts for various features, logo were designed to be present in store interior as well. Meaning, owner created the corporate style.

The main goal if identity is to make the audience able to recognize and remember the brand among hundreds of competitors. Another goal is to form correct brand image at the market. For example, make-up brands use light colors and minimalist design, because for customer "light" has connotation of "pure, accurate, healthy".

It depends on identity or it lack, how the brand is visually cognized, how easy people recognize it among other competitors and remember, and how the positive image is formed.


On-line grounds needs identity too. Entering the website, client should understand which brand it belongs to. The list of on-line grounds is quite long:

  • mobile application
  • landing pages
  • corporate website
  • social net account
  • YouTube channel
  • user's personal account
  • on-line shop
  • banner ads

For digital identity the rules are the same as for off-line one. But it needs more efforts. Digital identity should be adaptive, dynamic, scalable. One should know that not every off-line identity version suits on-line grounds. In case brand's presence on-line transcends off-line client communication, then first of all one should create identity of on-line space.

What goals are gained with brand identity

Correct identity usage helps business to promote in off-line and on-line. On the one hand, brand is abstract entity that includes values, associations, images. On the other hand, brands can be more that tangible thanks to identity that conveys the corporate mission and values to client, forms the proper associations and establish the image. High quality identity can transmit the brand energy.

Visual identity usage is the branding. This is visual design in accordance with brand style. One can order branding for souvenirs, package, catalogs. The same way one can brand the mobile application. And that would bring better effect than pens with corporate logo. With identity and branding one can reach number of goals at once.

Increase the brand recognition

More often you remind the client about yourself through corporate style, more solid is the image and brand associations. All sale tools and grounds, as well as communications should establish brand image. We effortlessly recognize Pepsi through its logo and corporate colors. Coca-Cola font cannot be confused with someone else's one. Brands put a lot of efforts to be by client's side all the time. Here the simple mechanics works: we see the same logo (colors, slogan, website design, application) all the time — we soon remember the brand and easily identify it.

Improve the corporate reputation

Identity and corporate website presence is the direct message for client that he or she faced serious company. The company which spend time and money on attractive exterior and is going to stay at the market for long time. Unified approach to visual design of trade grounds expresses the order, stability and high status of the company. When the company has corporate style, it is the unspoken declaration about brand status and its attitude to clients.

For emotional attachment to brand

How is it possible that logo at the package elicit the emotions? Very easy, if it is familiar for the customer. Purchasing product or service, we establish the purchase experience. It can be positive or negative. Depending on client being happy or not, the emotion arises next meeting the brand. Person needs to remember no company name, no which item he or she bought in this shop. For example, we see green logo of delivery service. Immediately the emotion of satisfaction or disappointment arises. Red logo of supermarket is associated with big discounts and pleasure of good deal, saving money.

Branding is the excellent opportunity to increase the client loyalty

Client loyalty if formed by few factors, as we mentioned before:

  • emotional attachment to the brand
  • positive brand reputation
  • brand recognition and familiarity

More than that, for sure, this business has loyalty programme. And the branding of loyalty programme — smart use of identity to promote the brand, attract new customers, strengthen the long-term relations with customers. We offer you to launch on-line loyalty programme in mobile application that would have corporate style design.

The advantages of this decision:

  • brand becomes closer to customer; it is enough to just take smartphone and open the application
  • app interface is designed according brand identity. It helps client to become familiar sooner and remember trade mark or shop
  • direct communication with target audience via push dispatch
  • all tools for progressive and interesting loyalty programme launch: cashback, promotions, bonus programme, coupons, discounts, referral programme, electronic bonus cards, everything always in client's smartphone
  • on-line analytics and automated reports for marketers

Identity is the language of the brand. Therefore, with branded mobile loyalty programme, the business puts less efforts to bring to client the information about the company, tell about benefits and opportunities.

Order the consultation from VDcards team to learn about the potential of your business and implementation of branded mobile application of loyalty programme. VDcards application is available to download for iOS and Android. We customize the interface according your corporate style. It is faster and cheaper that service development from scratch.

Contact us today to test our service free of charge for two weeks. Calculate the cost of mobile app branding with loyalty programme.

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