The way to convey the brand values through loyalty programme

How do you think, what influences on customer loyalty? Service quality, price policy, bonuses or gifts? There is one more powerful tool for client loyalty increase — brand values. The ability to deliver brand values to your target audience allows building trusting relationship and become emotionally closer with customers. In turn, it makes repeat sale grow and client base extend. In this article you will learn the way to convey brand values effectively through shop loyalty programme.

What brand value is?

What makes us prefer the favourite brand, despite more advantageous offers from competitors? What can make us try new product, while we are happy with old one? How do we make a decision to prefer this or that trade mark?

Us customers, we are guided by two things:

  • customer experience: product quality, convenient service, privileges, competent staff
  • brand values meet our own outlook

The paradox is that people are ready to cut ties with brand in case the values differ. Yes, the product is high quality, price is affordable, service is excellent. But if the customer and brand disagree about attitude, have different ethical principles, then friendship would end.

Brand value — non material company characteristic (opinions, views, beliefs). The values are that that creates the emotional connection between brand and customers. Non material characteristics can be called company credo. For example:

  • social, family values: children goods shop provides assistance for low-income families with holiday packages, clothes, food, medicine
  • corporate brand values: absence of harassment in working team, contribution to employees' professional growth, support of employees with children, honest competition; rewards for the best of the team
  • utilitarian value: individual benefit from product or service

Brand values allow differentiating between competitors, even if the company offer more or less the same assortment and product quality. Customers understand easily the difference between the brand with values important for them and the company without any preference. It becomes immediately clear even on the stage of client service in coffee shop. If business considers the client comfort and happiness as a value, it tips the balance to this brand.

Resume: brand values — non material message to clients, corporate priorities. It is also the important factor while making a decision about purchase, together with product quality, price policy of the shop. Brand values and company mission interlace and complement each other. Correct accents and mature values allows brand standing out from the competitors and strengthen the emotional connection with clients. If values meet, client experiences the satisfaction from the deal and establishes the positive customer experience, motivating to buy again.

How brand values influence the customer loyalty and trust

Presence of values forms the connection with client even before the first purchase. It is like meeting and communicating with a person. In case you have common interests, it is most possible that you will see each other again over a cup of coffee. The same with brand: the presence of similar and clear values attracts the client. After purchase made, customer feels more satisfied as experiences more positive emotions from interaction with seller company.

Considering brand values, clients filter out "friends" and "non friends". One cannot make happy all customers, as every person has unique life course, moral settings and understanding of good and bad. Just remember the shocking signs in Herman Sterligov's shops. First in rude form, then less scandal one («Sodomites are not allowed») Sterlogiv's brand conveyed his moral, spiritual and family values. Part of audience did like it, another part turned against brand. Another example: moral values and fur shops. Animal rights activists picket near these shops but the amount of fur coat fans do not drop. One cannot please everybody, but can share the values of one's audience and not betray them. This would raise the level of brand trust and of course, customer loyalty.

The way to convey the brand values

In big corporations the task of value convey or trasmission is being solved by dozens and hundreds of professionals. It is continuing process, that includes advertisement, brand promotion, reputation management, personnel policy. It is the process, aiming out there through multiple communication channels, both direct and latent.

Let us consider the example of the company with trendy ecological values able to bring its priorities to customers and increase their loyalty.

In case the brand has off-line stores, values can be transmitted through interior design: muted colors, natural materials (rock, wood, glass), products made of recycled things, energy-saving torches, living plants. Brand identity should express its mission.

We cannot do without advertisement. Slogan, logo, ad placement must express brand values. For example, if flyers of glossy paper are distributed near the shop, it would ruin all marketers' effort to convey eco-values. Still, on-line advertisement will be proper channel.

Collaboration with opinion leaders. Blogger can tell about brand values and advertise the product as well as embody the life course. For example, advertising of ecological make-up would be effective in blog of yoga instructor, not lawyer's.

Brand transmission via corporate website, accounts in social nets. It does look not like boasting, but like simple and affordable way to inform about the mission and values of brand. One can create the separate page on website dedicated to get customers and personnel acquainted with corporate values.

Form the tradition. Customers love participating in fares, concerts, workshops. The tradition of celebrating the corporate events and international theme holidays is excellent reason to establish brand values and fond new customers.

Loyalty programme as the tool of brand value transmission to customers

Loyalty programme is the system with which the clients interact by choice, to get the benefit (discount, gift, points, cashback etc.) It is profitable and convenient to deliver the information about corporate values through loyalty programme due to number of reasons:

  • it includes company's own: tool, platform, system etc.
  • clients are interested in loyalty programme usage themselves
  • accent on brand values together with discounts offered makes customer to make a positive decision about purchase sooner and form the positive corporate image
  • more often clients interact with loyalty programme, more often they have access to infromation about brand values in light and non-intrusive form

Loyalty programme is the platform with stable client flow, so the values transmission is relevant and very effective.

But how to tell about brand values if the clients have plastic cards only? Not everyone visits account regularly to see the point balance — it is easier to ask the cashier or check the bill. In concerns off-line shops that have not yet found the replace for non-informative plastic cards (which cannot promote brand). What if we say there is ready-made mobile application for loyalty programme launch without plastic cards?

VDcards mobile application is your shop loyalty programme in client's smartphone. Full functioning personal account for customer with electornic bonus card, commercials, feedbacks and all promotional offers of your shop. In mobile applicaiton one can merge loyalty programme and other methods of brand reputation improvement. For example, on shop's page in VDcards app one can post commercials, which inform about brand values and benefits for customers most accessible and amusing. If you order branding services then your clients will get the mobile application in your corporate style. Meaning you can use brand identity and corporate style for effective convey of corporate values.

VDcards platform suits a lot the brands with ecological values. Rejection of plastic cards, paper flyers and catalogs is the big step towards to not only client's heart, but also to environment perotection and pollution decrease. VDcards application offers full-fledged:

  • electronic bonus and discount cards
  • electronic catalogs
  • electronic coupons, flyers

Your customers will appreciate this approach, because it is very convenient too — smartphone delivers all information about discounts, promotions, personal point balance.

VDcards mobile application will become your effective assistent in brand values convey and new clients attraction. Try it now — register the personal account and test our platform free of charge for two weeks. Or order the individual commercial offer form VDcards mamager — contact us via e-mail: We have solutions for business of any sclae and sphere.

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