Loyalty programme trends in 2020

How to modify the loyalty programme to increase its efficiency? Consider the customer opinion and implement one or few trends from audience relation strengthening. In this article we will talk about loyalty increase trends, which will help your business to create the loyalty programme that would be interesting for customers and would increase the repeat sale and attract new clients.

Active involvement of customers with loyalty programme gamification

Perhaps, you know the opinion that modern customers are moody: they want big discount just because offer exceeds demand. Of course, it takes place, but interested person can put efforts to get 7-10% discount, no need to mention golden cards and one-time bonuses. Gamification or game mechanics are your tools to involve your clients to the game "discount or gift for action". Even seasoned customers rarely abandon extra bonuses, if received for 2-3 minutes playing the easy game.

Loyalty programme gamification allows not only increasing the activity and attention to brand, but to collect useful data analytics about users behavior and preferences as well. That being important for personalization strategy, we will talk about it in paragraphs below.

What kinds of gamification can be used to increase the loyalty?

Scratch card in shop, on website or in mobile application

Person "take a spin" or extracts sticker with prize at cashier's. Gift can be received immediately. It can be discount, samples kit, coupon for partner shop or extra bonuses on the card.

Reward for information

Client fills in the blank and receives points on the card. The easiest way to do it is via personal account on brand website or in the application.

Games as we know them

Offer your clients interesting and simple games: to collect discount and bonuses for certain period of time or beat the record of other loyalty programme members to get the precious prize. It is crucial to set from the start the value for game communication, so that clients would understand what they obtain for their time and activities. Otherwise, the expectations will not meet reality and gamification will not bring the desired fruits.

Gamification advantages for business

  • Increase of repeat sale, as usually the prize (discount or bonus) is written-off during certain period of time, so client has the motivation to buy something quickly, even if one does not need to.
  • Updating of client base, but this would work out for only communication via website or application. To receive the gift, customer should enter the e-mail address, link to social net account or sign in the app with e-mail or phone number.
  • The cost of the gift is not that high, so lottery can be used in loyalty programmes with large audience.

Strengthen the emotional connection with audience

Emotions influence the relation with brand a lot, same as in case with close people. If person brings negative, is boring or unpleasant in communication, you rather cease the talk and find another company. The same principle works for link brand-consumer. Brand's emotional indifference and distancing from customers decreases the sale and pushes away the potential clients.

Why the emotions are so important?

  • people often make purchase emotionally
  • positive emotions increase the brand loyalty effectively and transform into positive experience
  • consolidated experience helps brand in retaining the clients, outwitting the competitors with more beneficial offer but without emotional connection with audience

If the brand or shop brings positive emotions, the customer's attitude changes. Brand is perceived as good fellow it's pleasure doing business with.

How one can strengthen the emotional connection with clients?

Through brand mission and values

Tell your audience about social and cultural priorities of brand, about corporate culture and attitude towards product. The correct translation of brand mission and values attracts client-sympathizer and distinguishes favorably from other competitors. From this article you will learn the way to merge loyalty programme and brand values transmission, increasing the positive effect in work with target audience.

Through gratitude and respect

Graceful and warm communication helps to avoid conflicts and simply improving the mood of customers. It is crucial to not abort the communication after purchase, but to thank in few days for choosing your brand, and remind about the points balance and future sales. In this way it is easier to deliver advertising announcements and build friendly relationship with audience.

Through surprises and gifts

What will small gift like 15% discount coupon for the next purchase do? To validate positive experience of purchase and increase the favor with brand. Person feels waited, appreciated; gifts are given on no occasion. With such emotional connection the brand can count on not only increase of repeat sale, but on increase of average bill.

Emotional connection with customers is the investment in brand's future. For example, people feel the sympathy to brand, recommend it in social nets and support financially — purchasing during crisis in favourite shop.

Personal approach to customer

Mass dispatch with the same offer kit would not as good result as personal offer to certain segments of the audience, or even certain buyers. You can do this both in off-line store and large on-line market places. For sure, everyone considers oneself to be special. And when person receives the offer of something ordinary and typical, that does not meet the person's likes, then the feeling of brand appreciating client fades. Personalization helps to become closer to the client and increase client loyalty, as well as efficiency of advertisement.

Personal attitude to clients of off-line shops

  • Usually it is possible in small local stores or luxury enterprises (boutiques, restaurants, apartments etc.)
  • Brand manager knows the client by name, remembers (or can check quickly) the information on last visits, purchased goods and preferences
  • Individual discounts and special service for regular customers, according their personal interests. For example, small grocery store can keep some products for client without reminder; luxury hotel waiter would not offer meat dishes to vegetarian guest

Personal client attitude in on-line retail

  • On-line store or any other on-line service needs the reliable tools for client information accumulation, storage and analytics
  • Maximal amount of data about client is collected: what offers were viewed, what interests are fill in blank, what kind of delivery is used most often, whether person is interested in purchase by installments etc.
  • Based on collected information, on-line service develops personal offers, including the ones in frame of loyalty programme
  • Personalization is not only dispatch. This is the opportunity to greet the person by name and see immediately person's order history while receiving the call in the store

Individual offers should be based on not guesses, but on customer behavior research. More effective is the analysis, more precise the ad works and stronger is the emotional connection with the audience. Personalization might be expensive during its implementation and service, but this is one of the most effective trends of loyalty increase in 2020. In 2021, it will spin up in battle of buyer's money and attention.

Mobility of loyalty programme

Immersion, personalization and emotional connection with client have one important goal — to become closer with clients. How to fulfill it on practice? Which format of loyalty programme would help to gain these goals and strengthening their effect?

Business can literally be by client's side always: at home, on trips, on a walkabout, just after waking up. It is possible due to mobile application with loyalty programme. Nowadays person's life is in smartphone, isn't it? Via smartphone, we can pay taxes, order meals, talk to friends, open bank accounts, watch movies. Desktop traffic gives way to mobile one and this is tendency of few past years. Even for job most of the time the mobile phone is needed only, no need to mention domestic arrangements.

Therefore, mobility of loyalty programme is one of the main modern trends in 2020. More than that, transfer of loyalty programmes to customers' smartphones will go on and on next years.

What VDcards mobile application for loyalty programme is

Powerful tool for upgrading of brand loyalty, as well as convenient format for buyer to get discounts and bonuses. The opportunities of business in case of loyalty programme launch with VDcards mobile application:

  • direct communication with clients and target audience, that has not yet joined the loyalty programme, but has downloaded discount app
  • accumulation of buyers' data from blanks; data analytics; report automation
  • segmentation of audience by certain characteristics: gender, marital status, age, income, auto ownership etc.
  • effective push dispatch, that does not disappear in spam folder and do not provoke negative reaction like telemarketing or SMS dispatch do.
  • electronic bonus cards, coupons, catalogs instead of plastic and printed materials

With loyalty programme mobile app the clients are available for precise communication just beyond your grasp. Why do people prefer mobile application VDcards instead of plastic cards?

  • it is convenient to monitor the bonus balance in personal account
  • easier receiving of gifts and rewards from brand, as they are delivered directly to app
  • shop's page contains contacts, way map, reviews, working hours
  • entire history of purchases made with loyalty card
  • electronic card cannot be lost of forgotten anywhere, if the mobile phone is there

VDcards platform is mobile application for business and customers. Our service is ready to launch your electronic loyalty programme on iOS and Android. Contact our manager to get toll free two weeks access and set your loyalty programme that will increase the loyalty of regular clients and help to find new buyers.

When dealing, you get the individual offer on increasing your loyalty programme efficiency through modern IT-tools, and the help with promotions, discounts, referral programmes setting.

Stick with trends, that benefit business and are interesting for clients. We will help your business to become closer with customer and win high loyalty of new audience!

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