Loyalty programme for pharmacies. Five successful business ideas

Do the pharmacies need loyalty programme?

Pharmaceutical market is the environment of high competition. We need medicine as we need groceries, so the market is filled with offers from local drug stores and federal networks. Surely you see how soon couple of new pharmacies appear in new districts at outskirt. This is so because of high level of demand and the need to compare prices, assortment and medicine availability. But contemporary pharmacy is not only medicine store. This is also grooming, life quality, children development and elder relatives support. We buy hygiene items, make-up, dietary supplements, sport trauma rehabilitation items form pharmacy, receive the consultation of dermatologist and eye doctor. So the visit to pharmacy might be other than illness.

Pharmacies seem to be all the same but winning the client is very important for them. As we have said before, big share of profit is not medical. So the target audience is not limited with retired people and students with cold. This audience should be won with modern methods, implementing loyalty programme in pharmacy.

Pharmacy loyalty programme should be attractive for two categories of clients:

  • people who monitor the sum in the bill, they want to economy on regular shopping
  • people who need modern convenient service: on-line card of loyalty, clear points system, actual dispatch on discounts and promotions, additional free service from pharmacy network and its partners

We can identify one more category of clients. The people who do not buy anything at the moment. Pharmacy loyalty programme can be effective for demand stimulation, brand recognition increase, so that each programme member would feel precious, not depending on frequent purchases.

Pharmacy loyalty programme help business to win new clients and retain the regular ones. It is the same for people who buy the items for life quality increase, not the prescription medicine. During pandemic and so to speak health hysteria, pharmacies faced the urge to build log term relations with clients. That is why the loyalty programme comes forward as the tool for client winning and retaining.

Examples of pharmacy loyalty programme

We have selected few pharmacies loyalty programmes with smart trends that help with building the client loyalty and retaining the audience.

Walgreens network loyalty programme

Walgreens is giant of American pharmacy networks. More than 9000 trade spots work in USA, with 100 million loyalty programme members. Loyalty to Walgreens pharmacies is fully digitalized. Clients download the application of loyalty programme and receive electronic bonus card. On it the digitalization does not come to an end. In this app the members can join private discount club, order delivery, make an appointment in hospital, get the personal recommendation on grooming, immune support and recovery after illness. One more nice bonus: on-line monitoring of statistics on common cold, flu and COVID-19.

More than that, Walgreens loyalty programme rewards the members for healthy life style. Made certain amount of steps today? Get the extra bonuses or promotional e-code for discount. By the way, users can also donate these points to charity trusts.

Advantages of Walgreens pharmacies loyalty programme

Brand marketers succeeded in creating unique complex system that covers all aspects of health: discount on medicine, personalization, making appointment in hospital, individual monitoring of physical activity and achievements. All these features are gathered in a single mobile application. This is the excellent example of mobile loyalty programme being indispensable companion for a person who wants to be healthy not only while buying the medicine.

Rigla pharmacies loyalty programme

In 2010 Rigla has launched the partner loyalty programme with Svyaznoy Club. In 2017 the management of pharmacy network made a decision to shut the partnership and develop original project pRIGLAshaem ("we invite"). The concept is that Rigla network belongs to premium segment, selling not only medicine, but also parapharmaceuticals products with its share up to 50% of assortment. Discount for parapharmaceuticals items is dynamical, it depends on client status in loyalty programme — 5%, 7% or 10%. The discount on medicine is static — 3%. Such segmentation helps in active promotion of over-the-counter products, grooming items, so that they leave behind the connotation pharmacy=illness. Rigla has become the health supermarket, pharmamarket for life quality development.

Rigla's marketing is strict in new loyalty programme members attraction. After studied the target audience, team emphasized the high quality information that the loyalty programme members can receive. E.g. experts on health, dietologists, cosmetologists and psychologists hold the webinars for them.

Advantages of Rigla pharmacies network loyalty programme

The company managed to attract clients' attention to product segment of high competition — parapharmaceuticals. They have not only stimulated the increase of sale, but retain the clients through specials mechanics for related products. This decision can be made after thorough target audience research only, finding out their needs and trends. It is interesting that Rigla reached high rates of clients involvement to loyalty programme before mobile app launch (it was released in spring of 2020).

Aprel pharmacies network loyalty programme

Aprel pharmacies have two loyalty programmes. This is interesting strategy that appeared to be really effective. Aprel bonus system is the bonus loyalty programme for all customers who made a purchase on sum 500 rubles and more. Bonus card is classic accumulative one. Pharmacy Club system is another approach to pharmacy loyalty programme. It is similar with Amazon private club. Card holder pays the membership for certain period of time and gets the opportunity to buy for the price lower than through free loyalty programme.

Person can buy membership for 3, 6 or 12 months. The purchases are limited: no more than 60 000 rubles per month and no more than 5 bills per day, 30 — per month. After limit is met, the rest of the purchases are bought for the usual price.

Aprel pharmacies network loyalty programme advantages

Private club with the most advantageous discounts is attractive for customer. They get the opportunity to receive the unique privilege status, different from other free loyalty card holders. Status and benefits must be paid, but the discount would compensate the private membership in return. The most important is that the paid club with discount stimulates to buy, binds the person to brand.

Apteki Ot Sklada pharmacies network loyalty programme

Apteki Ot Sklada's loyalty programme considers dynamic cashback. This loyalty programme has many limitations and strict rules in combination with progressive point adding. 10% of purchase sum is returned to the card. In case a client made a purchase on more than 1500 rubles this month, the cashback grows to 30% but from next calendar month. Customer can use the points to pay the part of purchase in few trade spots and on-line only. Accumulated points are disactivated in 90 days. Customer can pay with points next day after they were credited, from 9 AM Moscow time.

Apteki Ot Sklada pharmacies network loyalty programme advantages

Nice cashback covers the limitations of loyalty programme. Usually we spend more than 1500 rubles in pharmacies every month. That is why it is advantageous for Apteki Ot Sklada pharmacies network loyalty programme members to prefer this very network, because of nice cashback.

CVS Health pharmacies network loyalty programme

Another American network with 6000 pharmacies and more than 80 million loyalty programme members. CVS Health has launched original loyalty programme in 2001, starting with coupons and reaching multifunctional mobile application. CVS Health loyalty programme is divided to two flows: free membership and paid privilege club. It is similar with Aptechny Club system, but here clients get much more than just extra discount:

  • free fast delivery of prescription medicine for 1-2 days
  • on-line consultations with chemist in mobile app, including base of personal prescription history for problem context understanding
  • every month CVS pharmacy gives 10$ as a gift to paid club members. This money can be spent on both medicine and parapharmaceutical

Monthly membership in ExtraCare programme costs 5$, yearly — 48$.

Advantages of CVS Health pharmacies network loyalty programme

Here the programme members pay not just for extra discount, but for comfort, service and attention from pharmaceutical giant. Every customer feels special, support in being healthy. This is the example of correct work with client's emotions, that become the advocates of the brand, increase the life quality and recommend the pharmacy network to others.

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