Career ladder - promotion without stambling

Making a good career is everyone's dream. But very few understand that it implies hard working, accompanied with constant self development, nerves, and sometimes even the burden on health. In process of career development people face a lot of difficulties, which can knock most persistent people off their game. Still everyone who made a decision to go up the career ladder must learn about many details of this point.

What is the career ladder

The term itself means the process which results in promotion, career growth etc.

It is based on:

  • beleif in personal success;
  • sense of purpose;
  • positive attitude;
  • the full commitment;
  • constant development and intention to learn, in particular to study professional literature, visit seminars and trainings;
  • never afraid to speak out and ask the questions.

Important: this term encompass all these factors.

How to go up this ladder quickly

Every particular position and company imply their own opportunities and professinal promotion stages.

For example, a manager can go much faster up the career ladder if certain recommendations are followed:

  1. Try to get the power. Firstly it can be insignificant one, for instance, control over few employees. But if this function is performed successfully, then the empowerment will be much more possible. To get the power you need:
    • be more active than others, especially in presence of top managers;
    • to be aware of all work, take active part in discussions;
    • establish oneself as executive and responsible emloyeee.
  2. Plan and distribute the time competently – try to finish all tasks on time, without any delay, to prioritise clearly.
  3. To offer your ideas and make them endorsed. For this you will need:
    • plan every detail;
    • be ready to answer any question conserning your plan. Advice: do not present the concept, if the risks of its successful realization are a big "if" or the big problems can appear whil its realization.
  4. Get along with CEO well, here you would need:
    • to show respect always;
    • never discuss CEO with other employees;
    • reasonably praise the decisions made by CEO;
    • always try to finish all tasks fully. Also the appearance is important for fast promotion. Think if your appearance corresponds to the company, status, age etc.

The qualities you have to have

Successful and fast promotion needs a number of personal characteristics. Their lack will prevent person from gaining the planned goals or would make this way too long.

The most important qualities are:

  1. Leadership – always intent to take the responsability, be first in presenting the solutions. Advice: do not afraid to make even tough decisions.
  2. Courage. Everyone who wish the promotion should:
    • not be afraid of expressimg one's opinion in public;
    • offer new concepts openly;
    • critisize and talk about doubts politely;
    • believe in oneself.
  3. Persistance - always establish yourself, offer your services and help in various projects.
  4. Improvement:
    • always study and learn;
    • be aware of the last innovations and events (at particular enterprice);
    • always analyze your work and strive to the better.
  5. Resistance, here important is:
    • calmfully cope your personal fails;
    • do not panic in case of first fail;
    • treat refuses adequately etc.
  6. Interpersonal skills, you need to be able to communicate with different collegues, never sink to offences and gossips.

Advice: if you lack any of these characteristics, you need to work on its perfection.


How to pass contenders

In fight for promotion you should strive to be better than your contenders.

The following points would help you:

  1. Take active part in discussions of ideas or projects provided by management:
    • speak out your reasoning competently;
    • do not be afraid to point at weaknesses;
    • suggest the better way to realize the plan. Advice: speak if you are sure you are 100% right only.
  2. Always procced to planned aim, to do it:
    • do not be shy to ask the questions;
    • always ask for help, even tthe top managers;
    • talk honestly about your inaccuracies and try to avoid them again in future.
  3. Do all you can to have important tasks given by management:
    • establish yourself as responsible person;
    • express yourself as the person who is able to make the decisions.

It is important if you compete with collegues, do not tarnish them before management. Also do not make their personal deeds public. Such behaiour can harm your promotion only, and build the negative attitude of CEO towards you.

How to avoid the mistakes and not to stumble

Every employee, even the most experinced, makes mistakes and stumble. There is no reason to be scare of it. During promotion its risk encreases.

There are few advices how to minimize such situations:

  1. Do not shift responsability onto other collegues. Never say phrases like:
    • it is not my duty;
    • I am already very busy etc. Advice: if taks is given to you, do your best to solve it.
  2. Do not gossip:
    • do not discuss others' wage. Important: do not complain about being unreasonably underpaid or bonus deprivated. It is smarter to discuss such things directly with management, on right occasion.
    • do not take part in discussion of collegues' personal life, especially - top managers. Advice: supress rumours on the vine.
  3. Evaluate your professional qualities. Important: monitor your self-evaluation, for it should not be too exaggerated.
  4. Do not waste work hours on spare chatting and activities:
    • minimize the discussion of weather, spent weekends, holidays etc. Advice: being insensitive and having no interest to others is also wrong - be reasonable.
    • do not complain about difficulties of work;
    • shorten your tea breaks.
  5. Never be late. Advice: if you are late for some reason, notify your in advance immediate suprior and apologize. Never arrive in office with slovenly appearance and ignore the dress code.

How not let them break you

While promotion you will face a lot of dissatisfaction, envy from your collegues and even the attempts to frame. Be strong morally, do not let them break you.


  1. Control your emotions. Never show fear or agression or tears in case of fail and other hardships.
  2. Try to foresee all possible effects of working situations.
  3. Do not expect too much from collegues. Advice: always remember, that in work relations the best is to rely on yourself only.
  4. Do not speak out your personal fears or indignations, otherwise your ill-wishers would use it later.

If you face difficulties, remember - everyone face it from time to time. Do not despair, proceed to your goal.

Blitz – advices:

  • if you wish the promotion, be diligent in self development;
  • spend more time on growth of your professional qualities;
  • do not be afraid to ask help from more experienced collegues;
  • do not shown to much feelings and do not discuss others' fails.
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