Business promotin online: tools for the compex promotion and development

Small business development has got in recent decades new and almost always sucessful ground for deals – online business. This sphere of activity actually allows to start beneficial and profitable project just from scratch. And often without pre-investition. Successful businessmen talk various scenarios of deal development. Nevertheless we can highlight certain common tends which bring success.

Online promotion for business: the start of enterprice establishment

Successful online dealers advise the new starters to define firstly the direction of activity. It is preferrable to select the sphere, which is desirable from the start and more or less clear.

The list of the most successful start-ups include:

  • Online shop creation
  • Web cafe launch
  • Profit from providing of Internet access
  • Creation of device ready to provide the access to web from any place on the planet

You can make the list of desirable directions on your own. It can be completly different.

After that you will need:

  1. Test the selected direction in serch services, including Yandex and Google. The basic of analysis is search query research, to find out the potential target client audience.
  2. Creation of data base, the results from Google Keyword Tool or Yandex Wordstart
  3. Highlight the key words from minimum of 100 phrases. You need the phrases which are present in minimum of 20% queries. They display the potential query which are needed by customers. This is manual work.
  4. Based on search systems analysis, define the list of potential clients and find the headers they use in texts and advertisement.
  5. Competitors' web sites are estimated by traffic and type of audience, that helps in defining of your prospective audience.

Then you can start to create your web site. From the start it must contain the form of service or good order. By all means you would need to control all the time your web site traffic and highlight the queries that lead to it. Site must be of high quality. It should catch the attention and create positive impression.

Forming the portrait of customer

On this stage you can start forming the portrait of your prospective customer. Your aim here is to correct the published materials if needed.

The prospective customer is defined basing on one's social-economical characteristics:

  • Male or female
  • Age
  • Hobby
  • Amont of available funds

Marketing researches of the market will help you on this stage. Also the interviewing on your web site will provide the information, along with personal e-mailing. For example, it can be the proposal to write the review of web site functioning, its staff work, with mandatory answers.

The methods to promote the business online

Before you start to use these methods, you need to estimate first what would be the basis of profit. Is it business for business (b2b) or business for clients (b2c). It will be the ground for selection of method used to create the style for communication with potential customers and research of their needs.

Then use:

  • Context ad to promote your web site.
  • SEO promotion, considering the special aspects of promoted sphere of activity, including the tool of key words.
  • Banner ad.
  • Commercials which can be rotated on web sites with big traffic daily.
  • Re-linking to direct from one web page to another one.
  • Selling texts, including the press-relises which attract the attention of potential client and providing the detailed explanations about particular advantages.
  • Launch your web site in TOP-10 in search services. throretically it is possible with successful placing of hyper links and ad, practically it needs constant expences for keeping the rate.
  • Commercial e-mailing to potential users.
  • Creation of the target pages and groups in social nets oriented on your offer. You need be careful while using such tool. Too active authors are deleted or banned.
  • If possible, involve in off line grounds such as referent exhibitions and seminars for your your presentation.

If you need fast and maximal feedback on this stage, they recommend to engage experts. Usually their work is paid off in short period of time.

Details to be considered if the service is ordered

Nowadays a lot of companies and experts work in the market of new projects promotion. And they are actually the ones who had successfully found they niche in business. Theoretically you can also become the first client of really talanted one.

Still they recommend to choose experts by certain parameters and criteria:

  • Ready to show portfolio and feedback of successfully finished projects.
  • Half the battle are the skills of designer, projecter, SEO-developer, analyst and marketologist - all together at the same company.
  • They present design-project for business promotion to starting online businessman with detailed explanations of every step. The report of plan performed is being accepted by customer stepwise.

Independent promotion: success possability

Theoretically all these steps you can do yourself. But all the time you will have to control the stage of promotion and define the systems which still catch the potential client's attention. This is task for experts busy with defining the most effective contemporary methods.

Expert involved in project helps to define the optimal tactics for web site promotion depending on big amount of factors. Offer designed b2b or b2c will bring the profit.

Experts already have the experience of many web sites promotion. Although all resources from top charts will have to be checked manually. If the popular projects are named, it will be easy to check it just on their web site. Often the creator and promotion company are displayed there. Most of the time these successful ones continue to work with their clients, performing the constant resource refresh and marketing researches.

The most popular spheres of business which are nowadays developed online successfully

You can find the small list of them in this article above. The most frequent is online shop creation. Its advantage is minimal start investition. The owner of online resource has the role of intermediary between supplier and buyer.


  • The services of Internet provider is still in demand, including broadband one.
  • Web cafe are very popular, offering the meeting at the real table with friends over a cup of tea or coffee, and also virtual ones.
  • Web site with various trainings is profitable. These are the business, psychological, ezoterical trainings, etc.

special feature of Internet is its constant and actually endless development. About 90% of developed countries citizens browse online every day. It gives the opportunity to find own business - existing or new - for everyone and to become financially successful. The main condition of success for business development online is the wish to try out this type of enterprice.

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