How to create the name for the company: the best solutions

It is not so easy to create the name for the company, especially as it must sound smart, prestigiously ans embody the company's secret of success. What should we start from or who can help with it? How can we create the name for large holding or new small enterprise on our own?

Demands for company naming

The enterprise or company name would accompny it during all period of functioning, for sure it would have big influence on prospective success or failure. Exactly after name read, audience will get the first expression about offered service, reliability, reputation etc.

It is important to choose attracting, expressive name, which would be remembered and immediately catch the cunsumers' attention:

  • Easy to apprehend;
  • Simple to recall and say;
  • Identified with company's services;
  • Stimulates the needed positive emotions and feelings;
  • Appeal to target audience values.

Regardless of this naming is done for online shop, information portal or international company, the criteria described below are the same.

5 main ways todo naming

Although the company naming process is of course th ecreative one, to fulfill the concieved, you should follow the basic naming principles.

So the 5 basic types of names are envolved in the company naming process:

  1. Traditional terms, which fully express the product of service offered: Farmaceutical; Pull&Bear etc.
  2. Describing names explaining the sphere of activity. Such names can consist of 1-3 words or person's surname: Uncle Ben's; Papa John's; Versace.
  3. Geographical ones include the legend, place of production: British Petroleum. Often the hidden meaning, puzzle, myth or tradition is included.
  4. Compounded company names are the result of few words, abbreviations, neologisms merged: Coca Cola; H&M.
  5. Assosiative terms often are used as the company names calling for the direct assosiation in consumer's mind: chemical fragrance "Escentric Molecules".

Step by step instruction for company name creation

You can use these simle rules to succeed in this creative taks by yourself:

  1. Fing out the company's values, which the produts are positioned with (quality, safety, reliability, taste etc.) It should correlate with the spirit and sence of the company.
  2. Be creative and original. Company name must be quite different from all existing brands and must underline its uniqueness.
  3. Define the target audience and create the project that solves the demands. Th ename must be practical reflection of services for legal or natural persons.
  4. Competently form the emotional context and submit the information in beneficial way. The context submitted is quite important. For example, Winged Car logistics, Top-grand transportation service, Village House touristic agency. Such emotional and visible link of words and actual service will for sure bring success.
  5. Choose the language: English or Chinese, Roman alphabet or other characters. Each choice expresses the company principles, its history, production placing etc. Also the language attracts investors, foreign partners, if it is considered in design. For organiztions that provide innovative technologies or high-tech equipment, Roman letters or English name would be the better solution. For dairy products, meat and other food products choose the native language of target audience.
  6. Verbosity or brevity? Both solutions are correct if they are served "tasty". For instance, from two juice names "I" and "Granny's" bothwork and found the popularity. Successful shortening and selection of letters increase the brand popularity and surely attract the consumers' attention.
  7. Convinient and nice. Regardless of the number of letters and word complex in the name, it always must be easy for reading, spelling and the most important – be recalled easily. Specialists call this criterion the name harmonious silhouette, which give the nice sounding and spelling of brand name.
  8. After company name is created, leave for a while and then check your masterpiece again. Probabaly you would have to envolve focus proup consisting of your target audience representatives.
  9. Try simultaniously think up the name itself and also contemplate about brand style to fit it. Both must be the most harmonious. For the specialists could choose the most correlating and original logo and motto to the name, select the attracting colours etc. Final step after the name created is to check of it in PCT. In case it had been created before for another company, you would have to change the name.

How to create the company name using online-service

if you failed to create original name by your own, you can always use the srecialized online-services:

  1. Search by key words service offers the names which can be selected with factor of key words and correct generation algorythm set. The programme offers unlimited amount of name generation possabilities.
  2. Programme to find the name web resource offers the opportunity to tuck up the company name, which will be linked with creator name and wolud be aesthetical enough for the sign. Although settings do not offer the coherence and the names are displayed randomly.
  3. Business name generator and popular service that offers the laconic and meaningful naming for start up enterprises and large corporations. On this portal you can set the generation criteria, the phrases display algorythm, the needed scale of names etc.
  4. Конструктор креативных названий portal is quite simple and easy to use. It has clear settings of naming and categories. Using the method of correlating combinations selection inside the topic, it gives few original solutions, viable names for the enterprise.

7 tools for naming

There are few basic naming tools to make easier the process of company name creation and to think up the bright and memorable brand:

  • Use the surname or the name of founder or CEO: McDonalds, Ford etc.
  • Reduction of 1 or few words (founders' names, service description): Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce.
  • Repeat 2 or more words: Coca Cola.
  • Appeal to main characteristics of product: General Motors.
  • Abbreviation of full name to first letters or syllables: C&A, HP.
  • Related description or value transference of the product: Pathfinder.
  • Fragrance and sounds imitation, metonymy: Twitter.
  • Puzzle hidden in the name, secret message: Samsung.

The examples of successful company names

The company name has correct association. It creates the memorable recognizable brand, for example:

  • Red Bull;
  • Puma;
  • Bounty;
  • Jaguar.

Most memorable brands created as the abbreviations:

  • IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd);
  • BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG). Company names which have hidden meaning:
  • NIVEA means "white snow" in Latin;
  • Daewoo means "universe" in Korean.

At once recalled company names, created with name or surname of the founder:

  • Kira Plastinina;
  • Procter & Gamble.

You can always try your hand in brand name creation .But if you fail in creation of anything creative and original, use expert's services in creativity agency.

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