Marketing plan - development of strategic business-planning, analysis and structure

What is marketing plan and what is it needed for

Marketing plan is the document displaying the market goals of the comapny and the methods of their realization.

Th emain goals of marketing plan:

  • Marketing work analysis for th eprevious periods.
  • Current market situation analysis.
  • Detailed research of attractive characteristics (products, services) of the company, which can be interesting at currecnt market.
  • Clear definition of the needed ad services complex, with terms and tools added, along with the budget to be provided for it.
  • Smart company resources distribution. The types of marketing plans
  • Long-term – are formed for long period of time (3-5 years). They present the long-term tasks and basic marketing strategies, among with their realization tools.
  • Operational (for year) – describe the marketing events, aims and strategies for the year. It is formed on the basis of long-term plan.
  • Short-term (1, 2 or 6 months).

Parts and contents of company marketing plan

In this article you can find the plan of 9 parts. In special literature you can find more elaborated types of plan, with 5-7 aprts but not so detailed:

  1. Annotation (executive resume) – short essay of plan's comtents. Thesises of the main information: the plan aims, the tasks and the tools for their solutions, conclusions, recommendations, planned income, delivery to be reached, comparable analysis per previous periods rates, resources to gain the desired rates, advertisement budget and its comparison with the one of the past (per year). It should be written to express the essense of the plan clearly and briefly. It is written after the project is finished.
  2. Market analysis – information about market situation, competitors, the place of product or service at the market, distribution channels.

Market situation – the set of target segments of the market, the volume of market growth (natural and monetary rate). Here the potential portrair of comsumer and one's behaviour is created. Yuo need to consider such factors as: buyer, one's desires; factors influence on product buying, behaviour analysis, where and when the purchse is made.

Product or service place at the market – the best would be the table of rates: income, sales volume, costs per previous years.

Competition level – important goals of this part: to define the opponents, their aims, marketing programmes, strength and weaknesses, their competitivenes.

Environment monitoring – find the external factors which can effect the company activity, in positive and negative ways:

  1. Place at the market – find out the advantages, disadvantages, threatens and problems of analyzed company.
  2. Define the goals –write down the needed results. the most important here for them to be relistic, clear, measurable, limited in time .
  3. Choose the marketing strategy – actual decisions for the volume, price and market niche.
  4. Form the work programme. What should be done for the company becomes more successfull, include here the timing and duty distribution.
  5. Budget plan – income, expenses, production costs (for production companies).
  6. Control the marketing plan relization – the best would be to demand the quarterly summing-up of events and to control their realization effects.
  7. Conclusion – what to do in case of force major. This part is not mandatory, but it is better to write it to act smarter.

After plan finished, specialists recommend to test it with the following criterios:

  1. Rationality – probably after this paln implemented, you will gain the advantages at the market which would allow to come over your opponents.
  2. Argumentation – how much substantiated the described events are. Are there enough expenses to fulfull them.
  3. Test of partner relations and actions coordination, in case business partners are many. 
  4. Which actions bring income, which ones are unprofitable – risks test.
  5. Company opportunities.
  6. Plan is realistic or not.

If the plan meets all these aspects described above, then it is just perfect.

If the company fails the test on risks, and nothing changes for long time in the marketing policy, then you need the opinion of independent expert. In such cases the marketing expertise is held.

Marketing expertise of the events realized

Marketing expertise is the complex of the actions to be taken while marketing plan creation. It is done by external experts.

Th emain stages of expertise:

  1. Definition of target market for this company, environment analysis.
  2. Check of internal resources of the company. The baisc situation is researched here, among with the events previously held or to be held.
  3. Estimation of product perspectives.
  4. Recommendations for most effective strategy of distribution and product portfolio.

Such important chapter as strategic business-planning is esssential for any enterprise to be successfull, regardless of sphere of activity.

Strategic business-planning

Strategic business-planning s the complex of actions aimed to build the desired future of the company. Correct and smart business strategy is created with help of business detalization, definitoin of needed goals, methods of their realisation.

What is needed for the effective strategic business-plan:

  1. Consentrate and define the realistic archivable goals, also be clear about strategy.
  2. To the fullest extent possible collect all the essential data, information for getting the rates numbers. Create the structure or prospective strategic business-plan.
  3. To hire the professional team – the important are people with strategical thinking, also the ones who are qualified in certain sphere. At this stage you need to form the wholesome approach. Organize the working process in case many people are involved to cooperate.
  4. Provide what is needed for the successfull busones-planning. Here every enterprise selects how to control the creation of the plan, as you need to take into account lot of aspects: staff qualification, resiurses, organization structure, etc. We can highlight the list of the tools, used most frequently in creation:
    • Clear and useful recommendations.  The list of the terms used in this plan.
    • Estimation of "external" and internal environment.  Financial information collecting.
    • Check of final goals to be reached.
    • Staff education, if needed.
    • Focus group in case you have the opportunity to hold it.

Certainly, this list is more suitable for large companies, although you can adopt it for smaller enterprise. While planning you should take into acccount company scale, its structure, staff, specifics of business, financial situation. The next step is to write the strategic business plan, the main elements of its effectiveness, to be more clear.

The elements of effective business planning

  1. Integrality – strategic plan must be resonable and wholesome.
  2. Small voulme and maximum of useful information to be presented in the first 3 pages. It must be clean clear for the decision maker.
  3. Clear understandable final goals – simple language describes the final goals.
  4. Financial analysis without spare numbers, more calculations and final rates to show the real situation.
  5. Management, marketing, operative share.

The realization of the marketing plan and strategy, among with the gained effects must be strictly controlled. There are certain srandards for this purpose, as human factor can have the bad influence on company activity, that leads to large loss.

Marketing plan realization control

Control can be of different types, each of them has its own goals:

  1. Of year operative plans emplementation – the control of the goals archieved.
  2. Of profitability – the main goal here is to control the income and the прибыль и losses of the company.
  3. Of effectiveness – how effective is the expenditure of funds on advertising. Possible recommendation to increase the effectiveness and to decrease the expenses.
  4. Of strategy – monitoring of company strategic goals arvieve per different market segments; if in general all company resources are used and how effectively.

With these simple methods is made the marketing plan realization control.

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