Products sales channels: analysis, development, marketing, types of channels

Sales channels and thier types

For company having stable income, independently of CEO, SEO rate in search results and major clients, you need constant customer flow from few sales channels. In this article we will talk about sales channels, their types and expanding, and how to avoid the mistakes.

Sales channel is the method to get clients with certain characteristics. There is no the only one correct universal hierarchy of sales channels. It is unique for each company. The companies with similar client and communication channel, the sales channels would be the same.

Basic types of sales channels:

  • Active sales – ditect interaction with potential customer.
  • Passive sales assume preparation (PR, advertising, promotion via social nets), and then the client arriving.

Sales channels types

  1. Virus ad. Any virus features are meant, including posts, flash-games, articles.
  2. Word of mouth.
  3. Promotion via media (рadio, TV).
  4. Big hit – scandal, attention attraction.
  5. Context ad.
  6. SMM (social nets).
  7. External ad – stands, posters, banners.
  8. Search optimization – friendly interaction with search systems.
  9. Context marketing.
  10. Offer sent via e-mail.
  11. Direct interaction with client.
  12. Promotion via blog.
  13. Search for business partners.
  14. Ad of unique inventions to attract the clients' attention.
  15. For new enterprise and investitions create the interest group to find like-minded person.
  16. Net marketing in appropriate market niche.
  17. Holding the special events.
  18. Lectures and public speeches.
  19. Existing platforms.
  20. Conferences and demonstration days.

The type to choose depends on the sphere of activity. You can combine few and use them simultaneously. Different channels are preferable for specific spheres of activity. For instance, in legal service for the population sphere invilve the word of mouth, public speeches, special events, direct interaction (slaes), participation in thematic interventions.

Another example, you work in retail. Then the best tools are SEO, SMM, radio- and TV-commercials. You should take it into account while promoting and focus on actually working promotion channels, also with your business characteristics.

What to do if sales decline down to 0? Prident approach in sales development is important. How can we develop the existing sales channels and catch new clients?

How to develop sales channels

There are two approaches to gain maximal profit:

  • American – fulfil the mosr impossible ideas, with no focus on effects. As they are not elaborated, they can fail. 
  • Strategic – think twice before fulfillment of elaborated strategy. This method is preferable as it considers the planning.

So, to increase the sales:

  1. To develop existing client base – increasing the number of products, big parties sales.
  2. To have clients back. Any tools are appropriate to make customer want to come again.
  3. To search for new customers.
  4. To evaluate existing sales channels and adding new ones.
  5. To add new products and services, exclusive features.
  6. To develop sales department – hire new employees, educate current staff, motivation and work automation.
  7. To consolidate the sales system in general – analyze the strengths and weaknesses, effective work on errors. This stage is very important for any company.
  8. Of course, building and envolving of new channels to interact with clients are important, but you also should manage the existing ones well.
  9. To mange successfull sales channels.
  10. Sales are the form of activity, thereas it is possible to assign postulates and principles as the basis for management strategy.
  11. Sales channels management principles.
  12. To build the loyal communication with potential clients.
  13. To love the product you sell. In this case you will be able to create the best demonstrative presentation.
  14. Dialog should be held in client's lagguage. Do not use highbrow phrases, client can misunderstand them. 
  15. To listen to client carefully, about all one's Preferences and wishes, although unusual they are.
  16. The usefulness of product of service is highlighted, not the price.
  17. To wish to help client in selection, not to sell fast. Client should make a choice oneself.
  18. To be dedicated staff in this sphere.
  19. To set correct and doable tasks.
  20. To hire genuine professionals in sales department, to build the structure.
  21. To educate and motivate the managers.
  22. To interact effectively with everyone, employees and clients.
  23. To write the forecast and sales plans.

For sales are stable and increase, important key is to choose correct without mistakes.

Usual mistakes in marketing strategy selection

  1. Company budget is ciunted incorrectly. There are no enough money for desirable sales channels.
  2. Lack of strategy final goal – the profit increase methods you use, must have clear goal of what should be got and in what period of time.
  3. «Bad» sales departmnet – not professional managers.
  4. Client attraction channels is selected incorrectly.
  5. Sales plan has bad stracture and is not clear at all.
  6. You expect one strategy to work for long time. Everything is impermanent, everything changes, so distribution channels, marketing plans must be renovated.
  7. Count on previous periods reports, during which that strategy worked – you should remember everything is un stable, every month you need to check the results, correct, develop, test everything.
  8. Bargain is difficult to manage (especially if online marketing strategy), easy and fast order is impossible.
  9. No wish to monitor the competitors. Of course you do not have to do it all the time, but from time to time look at others, probably they do something interesting.
  10. The factors of client goes precisely to you, are uncertain. You would need analysis of your company strengths and also the differences from competitors.

As you choose the sales channels, consider the market characteristics, business sphere characterictics, your budget, expectations. Do the work on errors, so the company would become successfull and profitable.

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