More regular customers

How to attract the clients and make them come back to your shop/shoiwroom again and again?

To promote the flyers outdoor? Waste of money. The clients are sophisticated, all the time reading something online. They do not take spare papers and pay attantion to nice pictures at showcases. They have everything in mobile apps: paying the bills, buying the food, ordering train tickets, reading news.

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What else?
Instagram? It is good chance to flash before clients' eyes, but most of time ineffective. Main rule of Instagram - you will see most liked and commented posts. Firstly, nowadays it is difficult to be liked and commentd. Secondly, your posts become invisible among the posts of bloggers and publics with thousands audinceа.

How to solve this problem? Launch discoiunt campaign with VDCards!

With mobile app VDCards, installed to your clients' smartphone, you kill many birds with one stone:
- immediately inform the clients about campaigns and bonuses;
- give the discount to clients which they can use easily;
- happy client share the discount with friends via messengers;
- information about you and your bonuses is spread quickly among firends' friends;
- all they come to your shop and PURCHASE. Again and again.

Result: the sale increases! The profit increases! Clients become loyal!

Do you want it? Join the loyalty reward processes management system VDCards!
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