Mobile markting and spam. What is the diiference?

Where to find new clients? Why do loyal customers leave? If you do not use mobile marketing, it will be difficult to get big client base. In this article we talk on what mobile marketing is; main schemes of brand promotion through smartphone and tablet; how buyers react on mobile marketing. Plus we compare SMS-dispatch and mobile applications. It's gonna be interesting!

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is business promotion considering smartphone and tablet traffic, meaning cell connection. You interact with your target audience not via web-site and search portal advertising, but via mobile applications and dispatch to clients' smartphones. Mobile marketing is treated much better than flyers in post boxes. But only if mobile marketing is legal.

Spam or legal dispatch?

Mobile marketing can be legal and illegal. Illegal one means you the client did not agree on advertising SMS-dispatch. Legal one means you have client's permission on dispatch of notifications of advertising character (ticked in account or form, recorded talk with call-center operator). Illegal mobile marketing can seriously damage the company reputation. Its nature is spam. There are legal restrictions o spam in Europe; in Russia it can be difficult to get rid of spam-dispatch and punish unfair companies. If company perform such dispatch of SMS-spam with advertising of goods and services, it is treated as mobile fraud. Maximum punishment for spammers is conditional restriction of liberty.

How launch SMS-dispatch?

In frame of legal mobile marketing it is easy. Form CRM-report with client contacts and give it to dispatch agent. Illegal mobile marketing uses data base bought from others. That is why if you want to buy the base to send SMS about beauty parlor promos, no wonder if your target audience won't be reached and some people can file a complaint.

Mobile marketing technologies

  • SMS-dispatch
  • MMS-dispatch (nowadays unpopular)
  • IVR (voice menu)
  • Mobile application
  • ICB (Interactive Cell Broadcast)/ICB+ (Salute) (the channel for cell operators only, who also buys the ad dispatch)


Small text and web-site link. What is complicated? The details. You should monitor the amount of people who were drilled to web-site from SMS. Page must have the mobile layout and be able to adapt to any screen. Marketer should monitor the statistics for the page that was created for SMS-dispatch and calculate if this promoting channel is cost-effective. If you do not want to create the separate page for dispatch, send special discount code in SMS, available for dispatch recipients only.

SMS-dispatch advantages: mass dispatch, big audience outreach

SMS-dispatch disadvantages: low conversion, big flow of spam. Your SMS can be lost among hundreds of the same messages or even stay unread. Every SMS costs money. If dispatch system fails or you did not sign the contract on time, dispatch won't be on time.

Mobile applications

Nice, convenient, fast and useful. In SMS you can just publish few sentences about product, but mobile application provides all opportunities for company presentation and product value informing. If your target audience are people of age 18—45, mobile application will be perfect tool for mobile marketing launch. How to create and launch your own mobile application? Leave a request for VDcards loyalty system implementation. It is ready-made mobile application, that will be downloaded by your clients for free on iPhone or Android. Promos and discount dispatch is performed via push-notification. 90% of them are read by the audience. We can form it into corporate style as well. Leave a request or start free trial yourself right now. Just register, enter account, create promotions, discounts and cashback for your customers.

Mobile application advantages: brand reputation grows; you can create product catalog; direct communication with customer without agents

Mobile application disadvantage: more expensive comparing with one-time SMS-dispatch

What do customers think about mobile marketing?

Target audience treats push-notification dispatch positively in case the advertisement is unobtrusive and useful. Follow few simple rules of effective mobile marketing:

  • create personal offer
  • provide the option to unsubscribe if needed
  • set the interactive web-access to site and account with bonuses
  • create nice design, it is important

If unsubscription confuses you: deal with that some people are not interested in your company. Respect to customer — choice option. For example, it is like this. You connect to Internet and everything goes right. But you receive few SMS about new rates, promotions, discounts weekly. First you read them, then stop opening, then want to sop this flow of spam. If the company refuses to stop the dispatch, you will write negative reviews or even change the provider.

In next article we will talk about spam in more details, follow us!

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