Mobile application for loyalty programme

Not all mobile applications allow loyalty programme launching. Some of them are designed to select and pay the purchase only. It does not help customers to become loyalty programme member. In this article we will talk about what loyalty programme application should be like. As it is not possible to sell a lot and regularly without increase of trust in brand.

Business promotion using mobile traffic has already become primary task for companies from various activities spheres. One can promote any kind of product and service via smartphone. For example, it is much more convenient to buy on-line in Hoff mobile application. First, the shop offers significant discounts for order made in mobile app. Second, it is much easier for customer to select on-line, it can be done on a way from work home. No need to switch on laptop and go to web-page. Mobility and simplicity are important factors, that is why a million and a million people prefer applications for smartphone. For the same reason many companies do not pay the mobile version of web-site layout — they order a full-on application.

Loyalty programme mobile application features

Direct communication channel

Meaning that you can forget about SMS, wasted e-mails and call-center operators. We have already written why telemarketing not just fails the sales, but also makes clients experiencing negative emotions. With mobile application you will be able to perform push-mailing. App notifications will pop up on the main screen of smartphone. Why is the channel of direct communication with client so important?

  • you do not depend on SMS-aggregators and call-centers. If server of company that performs the communication fails, your clients will receive the news about fire-sale in your shop too late. In the mobile application you set the time of mailing and select from the base the target recipients yourself — no need to calculate costs of particular operator's SMS. You send the advertising messages for free. Often the amount of mailings is not limited, you pay the loyalty system (mobile app) subscription fee only
  • your push-mailing will hit the target for sure. It is important, as many SMS-aggregators and e-mail-mailing services cannot guarantee 100% delivery of all advertising materials. Also you have to calculate how many SMS were paid and how many were actually delivered to clients. Obsolete information on clients — usual reason for SMS and mailing delivery inefficiency. Many customers are so tired of spam, that fill in the blank in the shop the e-mail address, created just for such mails. It is opened once per year, your paid mails stored unread. The same problem with mobile numbers. If your client has changed one's number, you are not likely to find it out. Meaning, the message will not be delivered to the recipient

Your brand presentation

Application allows enhancing of brand recognition manifold. For this you need to order mobile application branding in accordance with corporate style. If you have no pattern to design the application — our designers will offer solutions for interface. More often the clients see your branded mobile application, faster grows the company recognition — it is simple psychological tool. And it is more habitual and safe to buy from the shop you already know, isn't it?

Tools for marketers, analytics, business CEO

Nice mobile application with discounts and bonuses is just the icing on the cake. Mobile application collect quite a lot of data on clients, offering simple registration blanks, questionnaires, reminders to write feedback after your store visited. All of these data you can view on-line and correct brand promotion strategy. For example, you have noticed that your clients often open the app in the evening. So push-mailing can be set for this timing. You can unload reports on issued electronic discount cards, reports for marketer, data on card distribution channel; you can enable the analysis of sales funnel

According to Research and Markets, mobile application usage activity will grow on 35% by year 2021. Three of five clients, according data from Points, prefer electronic discount cards in smartphone and receive push-notifications instead of SMS and cold calls. Urban Airship calculated that about 70% of respondents use personal discount via smartphone — it is more convenient to show e-card or QR-code at screen rather than plastic card.

Mobile application for loyalty programmes and famous brands

Planet Organic

Fancy network of eco shops launched the mobile application despite of small amount of shops — just seven in London. How did it help this brand? Each customer can see bonus accumulation on-line in personal account. Bonuses can be spent on affordable snacks and healthy sweets right in store. They decided to avoid mobile application development from scratch, and preferred integration with mobile payment service. To get the discount or spend the bonus, client shows unique QR-code to cashier. It is automatically generated in the app for few seconds. Big loyalty service connected with Planet Organic offers the discounts and promos from other brands, and the business gets huge client base. The same approach is realized in our VDcards loyalty system!


This is the largest drug store network of America. It offers loyalty programme membership via mobile app as well. The scheme is simple: you accumulate the bonuses and spend them on purchase. To stimulate the customers use the app more frequently, Walgreens app developers added few interactive options: fitness-tracker, pedometer. Using these extra features the client earns points and discounts.


Updated loyalty programme was released in year 2017. One of new things was implementation of Vending Pass e-cards. They replace ordinary plastic cards. One receives points for purchases on e-card. There are notifications in the mobile app, about the special offers for on-line users only. It stimulates the target audience to download the application and join the loyalty programme.

Caffé Nero

This is coffee shop network of 800 trade spots around the world. The promo is as follows: every tenth cup of coffee is for free. How to bring to life this marketing approach with minimal cost? One can print the coupons and stamp them, as client buys cups. One can launch the mobile application with e-flyer. The customer pays the cup of coffee using mobile phone and gets automatically the stamp on one's personal digital flyer, showing the number of this cup. That is how the company saves money on ad printing, client do not lose their coupons, the number of application users grows.

If you wish to attract new customers through modern and effective tool — use VDcards loyalty system. We offer flexible rate plans, big variety of customized options for business and mobile application branding! First two weeks of app usage — for free!

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