Guerrilla Marketing

One of marketing goals is to deliver information to customer. Guerrilla marketing allows to inform target audience using relatively cheap approaches. In this article we will learn what guerrilla marketing is, how effective it is and which tools can be used. Are you looking for hidden marketing methods? We have picked most effective methods of brand promotion with minimal cost and loyal attitude towards target audience.

What guerrilla marketing is

In 1984 American marketer Jay Conrad Levinson, specialist from large advertising company Leo Burnett Worldwide, introduced term guerrilla marketing and wrote a book of the same name about it. The pith is that you can use low budget advertising methods to increase sales and find new clients. Advertisement budget can be rather modest, but the result will exceed expectations. Meaning you spend less and get more than your competitors. How is it possible to spend for advertising less without sales loss? Jay Levinson proposed to engage cheap polygraphy — print the leaflets, flyers, visit cards, postcards. He published few dozen books dedicated to tricks with cheap advertising carriers. Printing 1000 visit cards is not enough in itself. It is important to manage them right. What are other ways to save ad costs? Write articles, take part in exhibition. Yes, it demands your time — but not certain investment. By the way, if you are interested in virus advertisement, hidden marketing or just wish to launch an epatage ad campaign — Levinson commended these methods and categorized them as guerrilla marketing already at the end of XX century.

Guerrilla marketing differs from traditional brand promotion for the following reasons:

  • Creative approach. You have no financial opportunity to impress target audience with large scale project like original hall for goods degustation. Therefore you are forced to generate cheap but catchy ideas.
  • Economy literally on all promotion tools, that is relevant for small new companies who just entered the market.
  • Understanding of inner motives of customers. For that before launch of even low budget ad campaign you need to describe the psychological profile of target audience.
  • Ready to sacrifice generally accepted ethic and moral standards. Guerrilla marketing implies provocative methods of target audience attraction, epatage. Remember ad campaigns by Euroset created by marketing guru Yevgeny Chichvarkin. Buyers could get new phone for free if they undressed completely in shop. Promotion was increadibly successful.
  • Most of ideas can be used once only. Old promo launched one more time will not bring good effect.

Goals of guerrilla marketing

First and main thing is that product promotion does not involve big costs. Second, low budget advertising channels are engaged only: leaflet distribution, professional show-windows design etc. Third, hidden brand promotion. For example, you can put stickers on the surfaces which customers interact daily with: public transport stations, front door boards. Do not silent the prices, it will increase customer loyalty. Do not ignore the opportunities of certain parts of target group impact (students, families with children, representatives of various professions).

What is the difference between hidden marketing and guerrilla marketing?

Some specialists divide these two approaches. The reason is as follows. Hidden marketing implies that consumer does not know that the advertisement is given. Information is offered without message "buy it here and now". It can be discussion, outdoor interviewing, feedbacks, online commentaries. That is why often you can see a lot of positive feedback on dubious goods and services. Hidden marketing offline can be quite effective. For example, smartphone manufacturing brand signed contracts with 60 actors. They asked passers-by to take a picture using brand new phone, casually suggesting technical advantages. Can you refuse famous actor to take a picture on this phone? Of course not. This approach is very bribing, because marketers use psychological trick — customer have the opportunity to talk to celebrity in person and experience new emotions. Yes, from ethical point of view hidden marketing is dishonest, but brand must buy, the rest does not matter.

Methods of guerrilla marketing

  • Do not be afraid to collaborate with companies with the same target audience. You can manage campaigns together, stimulating customers to buy in one shop and get a nice discount in another one.
  • Create your own spot to communicate with your target audience directly. It can be forum, blog, social net account.
  • Develop original commercial offers and set the mailing.
  • Use the environment, its infrastructure to distribute advertising information. For example, you can find birdhouses in the parks with logos of companies which installed them. You can place advertisement in public transport as well. It is important to find most unusual places for printed ad.
  • Stimulate clients to tell (in a positive way of course) about your company to their friends. Give promos and bonuses for friends attraction.
  • Give souvenirs. Small thing make a day.

Are visit cards, leaflets and coupons that effective?

In late XX century printed items were main channel of information distribution. That is why Jay Levinson did not suggest other, cheaper promotion tools. Nowadays advertisement do not just move online. It is the first and the main channel of marketing plan actualization. Life takes place in smartphone. Then why send leaflets via mail if any letter can be delivered online, even utility bills. We do not suppose you to abandon guerrilla marketing if you are into it. But do abandon printing items (coupons, flyers, leaflets, menus) and plastic cards. First, it decreases the advertising costs. Second, you interact with clients via mobile application and push-notifications. This is modern way to reduce advertisement costs. Stop bombarding your clients with paper, every second flyer is immediately thrown to trashbin. Inform your target audience about promos and discounts using unobtrusive notifications in smartphone. In account you will set the marketing loyalty programme. Any doubts? Will be mobile discount cards and promo notifications beaten by paper leaflets which cost you a lot? Test VDcards application — 2 weeks for free! Or call us for detailed consultation. Use the technologies of year 2020, not year 1984!

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