Gamification for sales

Gamification for business. How game helps marketers

At the beginning of the century developed countries experienced surge in production and customers — big choice of brands and products. Growing competition pushed manufacturers to use new ways of client attraction and sale increase. First loyalty programmes took their first tentative steps towards audience. McDonald brothers were school children and did not plan to start chain of fast food restaurants. At the marketing dawn the business has started using the gamification principles to increase the sales. Of course their ways differ from those of today but the core is similar. For example, boxes of candies included random presents for buyers. For sure, it is interesting to buy something with a gift inside. Person is excited to find out what gift one would get after purchase.

Such primitive gamification did not demand scripts and creative team. Everything has changed for the last 100 years. Digital technologies are firmly in our lives, involved in all spheres of social life: work, education, leisure, travel etc. In year 2002 term "gamification" came into existence, and these techniques became involved not only in sales, but also at manufacturing. Contemporary gamification is inseparable with devices: laptops, smartphones, even smartwatch. The main tools of gamification work for off-line as well. Let us see how gamification works in sales and what principles are its effectiveness base.

What is gamification of sales today?

Gamification is the stimulation to buy through the game or game technique. Gamification can make vivid even such process as sales. Simple and ingenious, isn't it? Game allows controlling customers' behavior, as there are certain rules to get the prize. At the same time the game is the source of fun, excitement, competition. Doing something in the game, person wins bonuses, discounts, gifts. Interesting is that the principles of gamification are used to increase the staff productivity. It is much more interesting to gain high KPI in game, even if the corporate one.

How gamification helps business

  • repeat sales grow due to accumulation of bonus prizes
  • audience interacts with brand or shop more frequently
  • clients perceive better new information about brand and products in game
  • regular customers' loyalty increases
  • client base grows
  • brand recognition improves

Smart and appropriate gamification improves the effect of e-mail dispatch, even though the latter has become spam. Combination of gamification and discount/promos works for marketing well. Game or gamification itself is useless. They should help business in reaching the goal. That is why gamification development and implementation is very accurate process, particularly considering information overload of customer.

Principles of gamification in sales

gamification as marketing tool is based on precise principles that roots in human psychology. Gamification, based on these four principles, is brilliant tool of repeat sale increase and new client attraction.

Stimulation principle

gamification without motivation will not bring the desirable effect, because person should be interested, stimulated to play. Here stimulation is the reward, prize. One can waste time on entertainment without shopping, right? Gamification with well-planned stimulation involves maximally the customers into the process of interaction with brands and communication. The reason is that the chain of rewards can be infinite, and the intermediate achievements in the game are rewarded by brand as well. Stimulation can be not only tangible gift or points and discount. It can be and should be complemented by new status, that can be conveniently integrated into loyalty programme.

Examole: taxi service has loyalty programme with gamification. Client receives points for each trip. More points were accumulated, more levels with privileges and gifts are available. It stimulates customer to use this company more often and change the status from "Newcomer" with 0% discount to "Guru of comfy trips" with 10% discount. This stimulation is based on wish to be more significant and successful than other loyalty programme members or shop audience. While gamification launch you should inform your audience about reward, conditions of its issue. People hardly spend time on unknown prizes.

Reward principle

Reward value should correlate with time and efforts spent on its achievement. Apart from that, you should mind the correlation with target audience interests. Prize might be non material but it should not be the main reward then. Still, we love real tangible gifts. In case of retailer, it can be bonus, discount, promotional coupons, souvenirs etc.

Example: sporting goods store rewards clients for active lifestyle. You can monitor your jogging in mobile application, receiving prizes for new records. Reward like thermos or discount on new trainers will be precious. Tickets to cinema of the book won't probably resonate with sportspeople. And if the reward like 5% discount is given for 50 km march, it is too insignificant.

Also marketers highlight unexpectedness principle, status principle, curiosity principle. But all these techniques are included into category of reward and stimulation.

Gamification of loyalty programme

gamification in marketing encompasses all business opportunities for client attracting and holding. Therefore one can mention gamification for loyalty programme. It allows business to:

  • attract new programme members more effectively
  • have the reason to communicate apart discounts notifications
  • become closer to client, share their interests
  • become the source of positive emotions for buyers

Gamification can be realized fully and effectively with on-line loyalty programme only. This is for that reason that web- and mobile development technologies allow creation of interesting virtual space for brand, where will be room for electronic bonus cards and the opportunity to earn extra bonuses or useful gift.

for clients loyalty programme with gamification is a simple game at brand territory, with prizes and positive emotions. Meanwhile, brand investigates client behavior and uses native approach of product promotion. Ordinary plastic loyalty programme card stays impersonal symbol of discount. But mobile applications for loyalty programmes raised gamification up to another level. Bonus accumulation and brand interaction while playing is much more interesting!

Gamification for repeat sale increase

Before ordering mobile application for loyalty programme with gamification development, consider whether all your clients would like to play? Of course not. It depends not just on scripts, techniques and prizes. Sometimes people do not have time for this, or they are happy with current discount. Therefore gamification cannot guarantee that every client will be taken with brand and make repeat purchase. So, gibe your clients the choice: to play or not to play. Loyalty programme in mobile application must be user-friendly for all segments of audience.

How games stimulate to buy again?

It is quite simple — they are rewarded with discount or bonus, that can be spent in your or partner shops. After game or its level finished, connection with clients is not interrupted — they must interact again, spend money to win the reward. Gamification attracts as it is easy. Client receives the analogue of shop currency, discount instead, that also stimulates to buy again with extra benefit.

As you already know, modern and competitive gamification of loyalty programme is possible with IT-technologies. Of course, such solutions as augmented reality or on-line game are quite expensive to develop and support. We offer the launch of loyalty programme with gamification in ready-made mobile application VDcards. VDcards is on-line platform, developed for loyalty programme installation to customer smartphone. There is big choice of gamification techniques on this platform, that can be enabled depending on interests of audience and needs of business:

  • stimulation for friends attracted
  • corporate currency, that can be exchanged on real discounts and prizes
  • coupons with gifts

You can order individual gamification scripts development, and mobile application branding according corporate style of shop, parlor, company. Order free demonstration of VDcards platform now or the consultation from our team who will help you with selection.

Gamification can be reliable and effective solution for sales and customer loyalty increase. Try this new approach, your clients are tired of plastic cards with fixed discount. We will help you with launch of loyalty programme featuring gamification in customer smartphones and improve the position of your brand on Russian and international markets!

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