Catching client in muddy water or How marketing and fishing are known in comparison


It is better to start with the most simple ways of fishing. First - worm fishing, then smoothly go to jig, after that - to all other ways. (National Fishing Features)


You see that your neighbour does profitable business and decided
"may I do the same".

You accumulated your money, borrowed more money from your relatives, kith and:
icon Start your enterprise
icon Buy franchise
icon Launch
icon Create
your own enterprise(e.g. sew felt boots at home office)

The usual start is that you rent a room, buy the goods, publish the ad and wait for clients.

But they do not visit you. You must do something.
This is how the client catching in muddy water starts!

You publish the ad everywhere, nicest and ont he spread, nevermind the high price.
Instagram? My maternal uncle published the ad and the people came quickly... But they do not knoch over us. They say for this is new trade mark promotion, it will be large expence for ad, be patient...

Still budget fades...
Why does it happen? Because we do not know our client. We stand before hugemuddy lake with swarming clients in it, jumping out but still not going to us.
Orthey do but they are copule of tiny perch. All fishers faced such situation and remember this clearly.

Stsrt-up theory arose recently(2011 book by Eric Ries).
Few simple ideas are expressed there. Do not invest in equipment, goods, manufacture and expensive ad.
You should learn for a start how much anyone needs your merchendise. Collect small sample party and check it.

Nevertheless, any start-up goes through this first stage of client catching in muddy water...

Amature fishing

As the article is about VD cards system, I will describe our offer. What we offer to you is this lake of clients, and tools (rod, hooks etc.), which you can use correctly or incorreclty.

And it does not really matter how many years you do business. What matters is the stage at which your enterprise is.

You are sitting, staring at bobber… (National Fishing Features)

When i was learning how to fish, I fiund the article advising to go any pond shore in Moscow Region and watch the fishers.

From morning till evening they sit there with piece of bamboo and milimetric fishing line. Fat worm is hooked to catch the catfish, and they are waiting. they wait for very ong time. After the whole day they have just couple if fish. In the evening sadly they collect
the rods sighing and say "again this time it don't bite...

Novice marketologists and entrepreneurs do the same. They publish huge messages, offer huge discounts with hope that someone would visit their store.

Actually someone does (you remember, that couple of silly fish in a day), just to look at funny entrepreneur.

We cannot say this way does not benefit at all.

For this way we have DEMO subscription n our system.

It allows to show the clients your company is present
in the market. And you would learn how much you are interested for them.

icon You will be found at the map
icon You will be able to offer
usual discount
for all or some of your goods
icon Create and print
simple promotion materials
icon Create small web site
to show that you
are presented in Internet

Sometimes after that life and good dinner are quite possible. We provide this subscription for free.

Professional fishing

Let's return to fishing. Inthe article I read, they offered the following:
If you are ready to spend 1000 RUR, we will tell you what to do to catch at least 10 times more fish than other ordinary fishers.

We were ready. After we bought all needed equipment and went to the pond, we caught in 15 times more fish than others, who just gave up and left. What was the advice and how can we use it in our situation?

They won't catch there anything,
I didn't feed it there…
(National Fishing Features)
Advice was the following:
  • use general modern plastic rod of length about 5 m
  • thin line, 0.10 or 0.15 mm
  • tiny hook
iconBut the most important was the lure. Fish won't go just like that. Neither clients!

Lure consists of two parts: subtle one to spread in the lake, and thick one to be eaten. Here fish swllows the hook.

As for marketing, this plan is called BASIC in our system.

Мы берем:

icon Our modern
attraction system VDcards
(kind of plastic rod)
delivers any ad
fast and without any papers
icon More sophisticated
attraction tools
are accumulative discounts
or multi level
cashback (thin line)
icon We launch campaigns
of various types, people
love them very much.
it is a game (and we know this is
subtle part of lure)

And the most important - the second part of the lure, the thick one. After client came and made a purchase, we must make one come back.

Use the reminders mechanism for this aim

What is this?
This is small gift or discount, which is send to customer by the system automatically if the one has not been at your store for long time. Also, it is useful to remind abut birthdays and other holidays. This is done without obtrusive email or SMS ad, as they actually do not benefit nowadays.

Fuuny, but there are so many good fishers and so few good marketologists. Probably the thing is these tools, which they had lacked before.

For instance, what a fisher does if everything is arranged correctly but still fish do not bite. He changes the lure (change the campign to see what happens), change the bate (merchendise is no good), or there is no fish at all as it went away.

For such cases the mechanism of start-up checking was created. We change the lure, worm, moth, corn. We try it out. Here the perch bites, let's continue to catch. No catch again. We torture the perch to find out that actually he is the catfish who smokes and had unhealthy childhood. We try to catch catfish. This is the Custdev.

By the way, this way to catch a catfish is the direct sales method by Constantine Baksht. Fisher in the boat puddle the water with a mug. Catfish swims closer to see what is the buzz, and gets fat frog...

Everyone knows how to change the lure, but if you ask them — think up some bonus or campaign, and no response as from fish on ice.

Also it is important to change the lure quickly. It had beeb unreachable for retail before. To create the concept of ad, work it out with designer, print and distribute...

At our VDcards system it is fast and simple.
Even more, you can create something super fantastic. Be careful.
Meanwhile the cost for it is equal to price for good rod. What is more important for you?

It seems, everything... Not at all!

They pour and let go...

Everyone knows this joke. After that fish came quickly!!!
Isn't it our goal?

Thanks goodness, clienta are not fish, but they also need the stimultion to make them talk about you.

How it works? You can reward the client for purchases made by peolpe he/she attracted. You can just give the gift - good for you as you invited your friens. Of course good friends as well, this one would also get the gift, or they share thereward

Man is fishing with rod. Hour goes after hour… It does not bite…
He decided to have a glass.
Just as he poured the boose — it started to bite! Man grasps the rod and
pulls while holding the glass with his left hand.

The ruff appears, so tiny as the hook and…
flops straight to the glas. Man let the fish go,
finished the glass and cast a rod. And here the fish gush!
Bream, pike, crucian… One bigger that the other. For 10minutes
he got the full pail.
Man was carrying it home, and suddenly heard:

— Asshole ruff! He said they pour and then let go…

Fisher famous joke

the most interesting is Bonus shop. We use 3 types of coins. For purchase, for passing to a friend, for his/her purchase (as this one is new cutomer). Then give the reward for other combinations. Let's say, invite 5 friends and 1 of them made the purchase - get the prize.
Interesting? Interesting!

Do not forget to teach the sellers to explain this all and to stimulate them (extra spent for pouring?).
This makes the subscription SUPER. You should procced to it after all previous ways of fishing are learnt. Do ask us or your friends what can function better. The crucial is to try. Again, it is not the end. Fishing is infinite, so is the marketing. Is had ever been, is is and it will be like that. You eat one fish and seel another one. What does it mean? We do fishing in the sea
Shawls full of mullets
Kostya used to lead to Odessa
All bundymen stood up
As he was entering saloon.Music by Nikita Bogoslovsky,
lyrics by Vladimir Agatov,
famous soviet song

Small excursus. What is the problem of marketing? Or fishing? Every lakehas its own rules. Thing working in one of them will not work in another one. This is one of the problems in convinient frachises. Its marketing should be flexible. There were a lot of negative cases, and I will not write them here - just google.

You arrive to marine fishing and get that everything you tried on river and lake does not work. It does not bite. Why?

Suprisingly, the problem is the same. Lure cannot spread far. Of course, you can fill all the sea with it, but it is not affordable for majority.

What needs to b done? How to go by shawl? Trawl is needed!


This subscription is called VIP.

We skip small fish and hold the big one. We catch shoal at once.

What needs to be done?

icon You must know your
icon What did they buy
icon How big are
their families

Then before they read your competitor's ad, they see your campaign - only today and to you only we give 1 lb. as a gift. Or to your birthday we have your favourite steak, visit us and get it with discount.

The client is full and the store is satisfied.

Also you can follow your customer if he/she passes by, with GPS (fishers use fathometer), and ask if it has been a long time since he/she bought the tie? We have it for 5000, and it is better than ties for 3000 at the shoparound the corner.

Personal offers are great tool. This is the future. I cannot pretend we have this tool in our system but the beginning has started and the basis and mechanism are enabled.
Teamwork would help here only, and collaboration will do its best. It is almost all. Still one question remains:
Does the fish like it being scaled?

Why we speak about clients as about fish?
They might be hurt after all...

We must do something benefitial for them also...
Wait, we give them the discount! And we proud of that...

Actually, nowadays everybody offer the discount to their customers. I hope, you have learnt it from the first paragraph, that is fishing in muddy water. So, what else can we do for our clients?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Philip K. Dick, useful book

We offer the following simple mechanism:
Stores pay to
VDcards system(for system usage, of course)
System offers the buyers
to earn bonus coins:
For time they
spend watching
your infinite
discount offers
For watching the boring
For they brought
their friends to you
For they help new
shops to join
the system
What are these coins for? They can be changed on EXCLUSIVE bonuses, which you will offer.
You get new clients, and clients save time and money!
They get the coins for the time spent on goods selection
with discount. After that they get the bonuses for them. And it means they have
Your task here is to offer them personally special exclusive original bonuses, created for them. Fishers call it "Spit on worm". Everybody wins, even the ecology. Tonns of plastic and paper ad stop to form trash. Let's try it! Just do not change your fishing ways to forbidden ones: dynamite, electric rod...